Open letter on harassment campaign against Anne-Marie Brady

5.12.2018 Sinopsis, Jichang Lulu

In New Zealand, Anne-Marie Brady, an academic who investigated the CCP’s influence in local politics has become the target of a series of incidents which, taken together with attacks from Party-directed media, are consistent with an intimidation campaign.

China’s Decimation of Uyghur Minds

29.10.2018 Ondřej Klimeš

Xi Jinping’s China considers Uyghur minds as its enemy and has resolved to forcefully indoctrinate them with official values and beliefs.

Chinese FDI in Poland: Still just wishful thinking

25.8.2018 Łukasz Sarek

Unrealistic expectations, over-reliance on state-to-state relations and a shortage of local hi-tech and global brands contribute to low Chinese investment. Manufacturing and services could offer some reprieve.

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