Coexistence with an Irresponsible (super)power

18.9.2023 Takashi Hosoda

China’s aggressive behavior begets international isolation. Will ASEAN’s efforts to socialize it within the existing regional frameworks decrease the risk of conflict?

CCPIT in Poland

5.5.2023 Łukasz Sarek

Economic cooperation in the hands of a party-state actor.

Time to Break Old Taboos: Pavel’s Call with Tsai as A New Normal

8.3.2023 Martin Hála

The new president-elect of the Czech Republic, Petr Pavel, has started sending powerful signals. Foremost among them was his phone call with his Taiwanese counterpart, President Tsai Ing-wen, on January 30, a mere two days after his electoral victory.

Japan has changed its approach to national security and defense

13.2.2023 Takashi Hosoda

Japanese administration has released three documents that respond to an increasingly tense security environment, describing China as a serious source of concern. It stresses alliance-building with like-minded countries such as the Czech republic, and strengthening Japan’s own defense posture.