The tea leaf prince: Chinese Communist Party networks in French politics

French MP Buon Tan’s links to the CCP’s united front system and International Liaison Department.


French parliamentarians’ links to the Chinese Communist Party’s overseas influence agencies have escaped scrutiny. Representing President Macron’s party, Buon Tan holds posts in key parliamentary commissions related to China while taking CCP-aligned positions on issues such as Huawei and the genocide against Uyghurs. At the same time, Tan has been a member of several organisations controlled by the CCP’s united front system and maintains contacts with the Party’s International Liaison Department. Associations with these entities do not demonstrate wrongdoing, but their role in the CCP’s efforts to covertly influence foreign politicians is well documented. As this paper represents the first detailed case study of such activities in France, it is likely that more of the CCP’s reach into French politics remains to be uncovered.

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